What is science?
Science - it’s a part of our life. We cannot imagine our life without it. The first step towards the advance of the great human civilization was the time when man first rubbed the stones and produced fire. Similarly it was the invention of wheel that set the ball rolling to usher into the technological revolution.It is this spirit that drives man towards new achievements everyday. This is science and it is this science that has led us from cart age to jet age.

What is Discovery & invention Science Hub?
'DISH' is a voluntary organization of persons with social commitment and belief in scientific approach.It is modest beginning through which we propose to incept a scientific temperament in the minds of the new generation.

Why one more club?
In today’s world it is indispensable for the young children to open their minds towards relevant facts. But due to careless handling of this subject a dislike develops in the minds of the children. Getting rid of this dislike and fear at an early age is extremely essential. To bridge the gap between children and science to make learning science and science class action filled and rewarding. Through doing things, handling apparatus and performing experiment. We plant to bring fascinating facts brilliantly to life.

Our Objective:
Children are natural scientist. They are curious to know, to explore to experiment. Our main aim is provide them with varied experiences in which they can apply their knowledge. Thus our purpose is to make a forum available to children between age groups 8 to 14 yrs both from formal and non formal system as well as out school.

Our Vision:
Through Discovery & invention Science Hub we aim at making children thing, rationalize, ponder, observe keenly, try alternates, experiment and experience a sense of discovery. To satisfy the natural curiosity of the young children combined with their need to see, taste, touch, smell & hear. Quenching their thirst to ‘know’. Bring together young minds from different environment and background.

Happenings at the club:
· Handling of apparatus and gadgets (Safety)
· Getting an insight into the 3 main fields of science i.e. Physics - Biology - Chemistry
· Undertaking community project for better living
· Pursuing programmes to promote awareness in society
· Exploring the world of amazing science.
· Guiding to thing, organize, adjust and reform
· Conducting simple experiments with spectacular results to make wonders of science accessible to every child.

Where are we experimenting?
We are at the ‘Science Hub’ - C/o. Pragnya Bodhini High
School, 2686 3036 / 4996(12, J.P. Nagar, Goregaon (E)-

When do we experiment?
Every Sunday - during morning hours
o How many times do we meet?
Once a week for 2 hours

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