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It has been said that all life is education. Yes, without a doubt , education is enlightenment, attainment and accomplishment , it is edification more than erudition. If one realizes that learning is an elevating process of transformation , and that progress can be made in every little thing, one would never stop learning……, provided progress is guided by the soul and not subjected to habits, conventions or pre-conceived ideas. The realization that true youthfulness lies in one’s aspiration to continue to hone one’s faculties and develop one’s capacities all through one’s life , will give a different meaning and interest to life itself.

Schools are merely a preparation to make youth capable of thinking , studying, progressing and becoming intelligent. But it is only when schools cater to the many processes from the physical to the psychical and ensure the realization of consciousness as well, that they fulfill the most important aim of education, that is to bring about human and social transformation. This is the bedrock on which the edifice of Pragnya Bodhini High School proudly stands.

At PBHS, we aspire to create a system of education that can truly empower our children to understand inwardly and outwardly, the challenges of the world they confront, to enable them to dream of beauty, of greatness and perfection, to make them aware of the fact that the choices they make today will create the world they shall inherit tomorrow.

Our modern culture has become a culture of extravagance and endless wants. Man has become a slave of his wants and desires. There is a need to look within. For it is the inner self-knowledge that is the pathway to mastery in all domains from the material to the spiritual. It is this,that we strive to enrich our children with an ethical self culture aimed at developing will and character, leading to self discipline and finally self mastery.

Today it is imperative that education must instill the value of peace. We need to build a culture of peace as the foundation for human life. Peace, not as an abstract concept far removed from our daily lives, but as a seed planted and cultivated in the reality of daily living , in the depths of our being throughout our lives.

If the education provided to the youth of today can encourage them to nurture in themselves a love for each other , a love for nature, a love for beauty and creativity, it will awaken within them the idea of giving expression to a conduct that is always beautiful , refined and noble, capable of fostering a universal culture of peace , harmony and world unity. What I want to emphasize is best expressed in the word of the Mother :

“ To know is good, To live is better, To be, that is perfect.”

Our revered founder Shri Shukla consecrated all of himself – soul, life, work – to this School when he conceived of an institution which would embody the highest ideals of education . We strive continuously, to live up to his noble ideals.

PBHS epitomizes the great potential of our students, past and present and is a reflection of the commendable efforts of an enthusiastic and talented faculty. My heartiest congratulations to all who have partnered in the success of PBHS .

Best Wishes,
Seema Shaikh.

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