Tap the Talent


Its 10 years since the conception of ‘SAMRAT - TAP THE TALENT EXAMINATION’ conducted by the ‘Sanskar Vikas Society’s’ Samrat Academy.

As we look back an immense feeling of satisfaction envelops us. And as years roll by the number of participants appearing for the exams conducted by us is multiplying in hundreds. [Last year more than 15,000 students appeared for these exams (Mumbai & Nasik)] Nothing happens overnight. The results are consolidated efforts of the dedicated & sincere work of our panel of educationist, paper setters, moderators, examiners, invigilators & all those schools who have placed immense trust & faith in us.

As we gear up to prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow, We keep in sight the changing needs & demands of the society. With this in view our paper setters set papers which cater more to the logical thinking & reasoning ability of the children rather than rote learning & memorization.

Our participants have always found these tests challenging & interesting. We now forward you our tentative exam schedule so that you can plan in advance and train your students to be a part of our Tap the Talent family.

We sincerely wish that you encourage your students to enroll for these exams & help us in achieving our goal of building STRONG MINDS.

Ms. Yasmin
Co - Ordinator

KUDOS - to teachers

The prime responsibility of the teaching community is to meet the growing demands of the changing society. The bonus of developing the overall personality of the blooming buds lies in the hands of a teacher. It is a teacher who satisfies a child who is an island of curiosity surrounded by a sea of question marks. India is indeed a fortunate land to have many such devoted teachers. Their tireless and devoted efforts have guided these people minds & helped them to choose the right path and lead a life of fulfillment. ‘SAMRAT’ TAP THE TALENT ACADEMY salutes the unsung teaching fraternity. We wish to honour such dedicated & sincere teachers whose efforts have gone a long way in moulding the young minds in the most beautiful way.

Together let us honour & acknowledge the effort of these ‘GURUS’.


- ‘TAP THE TALENT’ is a series of 4 tests conducted at regular intervals throughout the year.
- These exams are conducted for the students of Std I - IV.
- The Subjects for the examination are English, Maths, Science & Gen. Knowledge.
- Each paper will be of 50 Marks. Each Question will carry 2 marks.
- Time allotted - 1½ hour.
- Participant can participate in any number of tests.
- All the participants will be given participation certificate.
- Students securing I, II, III rank will be given cash prize of Rs. 201/- Rs. 150/- & Rs. 100/- respectively. Only if the students secure 60% and above they will be considered for merit. Medals will be awarded to merit holders.
- Passing certificate will be issued to all the successful candidates.
- Entry Fee for the exam is Rs. 25/- (Mumbai) & Rs. 30/- (Out of Mumbai) per student per subject.
- Schools can conduct these exams at their own venue, if they wish and if the number of participant exceeds 10 (including all standards).
- The school will be allowed to keep Rs. 5/- per student of the examination fee against examination expenditure. (If they conduct the exams at their venue).
- Examination paper will reach the schools 1 day prior to the examination
(in sealed packets)
- Examination should be conducted on the same date at the mentioned time
(½ an hour time adjustment is allowed).
- Details of the timings will be given 1 week prior to the exam.
- The school getting the best result will be awarded a trophy.
- The school enrolling maximum students will get a special award.
- Results will reach the schools two months after the commencement of the exam.

The tentative dates of these examinations for the year 2007 - 08 will be

E.V.S. / Science 1st week of September 2007

Gen. Knowledge Maths 2nd week of February 2008

English Grammar & Composition

The above dates are subjected to change and you will be informed about it in advance about the change (if any).
Entries of all the exams should be sent separately on the entry forms.
**[forms can be collected from the school office at the earliest.
**Last date for sending the entries for the exams is 26th January 2007.

For further details please Contact Ms. Alka - 9867400410 or Ms. Usha - 9322758687 between 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. or at the school office on 022 - 2686 4996 / 3036.

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